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old with now 0 uses: sailor_uniform

A picture of a sailor has all those redundant tags.

The sailor_collar tag is (according to the wiki) for clothes with that collar that are NOT a school uniform.
I propose to change that to clothes that are neither a school uniform nor a (real) sailor uniform.

sailor_suit --> alias to --> sailor

There's also sailor_dress, but most of those are really just school uniforms and could do with either serafuku or sailor_collar + dress.

Old thread with similar topic:
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This thread and forum #17614 seems to have been forgotten without any decision being made.

unicogirl said:
to bump
Was this ever figured out? Cause I like HowlingDog's idea.

Current Sailor tags that need some distinction.

Tags already in use.

HowlingDog said:
Maybe there should be three tags:

1.) serafuku for the sailor themed school uniforms.

2.) sailor_outfit for the sailor themed outfits that don't fit under serafuku.

3.) sailor_uniform for the real sailor uniforms.

Real sailors:
Alias sailor_suit to sailor.
Clean up sailor_uniform, then alias it to sailor.
School uniform:
Everything else:
sailor_outfit or sailor_collar
What about sailor_dress?

Personally, I think it'd be better instead of using sailor as the primary tag to use sailor_uniform (or sailor_suit). Of course I've had this opinion with maid and similar tags, but the point of the tag is that we're tagging the uniform, not tagging the person, which is why it should be the uniform as the tag and not the person.

Sailor_dress should probably be unassociated (ie no implication to other tags), and specially cover the sailor themed school uniforms that are dresses. If there are non-school uniform outfits that can also fit under there, then they should probably go under there as well. As far as the current definition goes, I'd have to say it needs to be changed. We need to toss out that comment that "all serafuku are technically sailor dresses," because all serafuku by our dress tag are not dresses, and will just cause confusion (and there are plenty of non-dress images and serafuku under the tag already that need to be removed).

I guess what's happened since a year or even a month ago is that people began tagging sailor_uniform again.

Anyway, these sailor tags are really annoying, so I'd like the forum to get back to this.

Bumping this.

c.5500 of the c.14k images tagged sailor collar are now also tagged school uniform and a further c.700 have the sailor tag, which sailor uniform is aliased to. Yes it's possible that one character is wearing a sailor collar whilst another is wearing a school uniform or sailor uniform but I doubt these are anything more than a tiny minority of the pictures.

There's also sailor shirt which has been given the implication to "sailor collar" and which makes no mention of not being a "sailor uniform" or "school uniform".

Pretty old topic but isn't this against the principe that we tag what we see?
I mean I think pretty every serafuku has a sailor collar to it but right now, if I take the wiki entry I just read, then it isn't correct usage. Is there an actual point why serafukus and sailor collars are mutually exclusive? Since this way it's unnecessary complicated.

It's never easy to balance tag functionality with things like the principle to tag based on what we see. In this case looking at the usage count it is very understandable why you would not include serafuku under a tag like sailor collar, and that's because it destroys the functionality of the sailor collar tag by flooding out things that aren't serafuku. There are over 95k images under serafuku and around 10k images under sailor collar (not tagged serafuku, low if removing school uniformed tagged images). Adding serafuku to that population of images will immediately result in more than 9 serafuku images to non-serafuku images.

And that could simply be bypassed by doing a search with {sailor_collar -school_uniform} (since serafuku does imply seifuku (school uniform). So no destruction in the functionality of those tags. It is only a bit more and that the thing would flood it, then because that these two things often appears together. Then to say we make an exception of "Tag what you see" is not expedient since it throws out so many images where a sailor collar is actually visible.

Except that could spawn then having to make a new subtag that would cover non-school uniform depictions, because even with a minus search it can still purge out images with more than one character or images with more than one outfit. Keeping the two separate accomplishes this without having to create a new additional tag because of merging the tag populations.

Why would we have to create a new tag? If it isn't a school uniform, then it isn't tagged as one.
If there is an actual school uniform, then it is unlucky, but it still would be manageable, or not?
I wouldn't say that the sailor_collar tag's purpose fly out of the window when they are merged together, it will only create a large majority of images with both tags.