Searching for a Picture

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I imagine it was maybe 5-8 years ago there was a picture that I am pretty sure I got off www.advancedanime.com but when I upgraded to a new PC I must have lost the picture because I can't find it anywhere on my Comp. I was wondering if anyone might have seen or have it someplace.

Best I can recall of it was is was a long haired woman with possibly brown or white hair, turned to the viewer with a white button up shirt that was opened with no bra but not revealing anything adult content related, and I think she had jeans, likely blue. She may also have had a handgun but my minds eye view of the picture is very annoyingly old.

Any help available would be wonderful, I spent six hours one day searching all over multiple sites with no luck. >.< If anyone can help, please email Silinrun@yahoo.com.

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