vocalo keikaku, tag or pool?

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There seems to be a new thing going around on Pixiv right now called ボカロ計画 or Vocalo-Keikaku (Vocaloid project or something). It consists of people drawing new vocaloid characters, basically.

The age-old question pops up again: is that a pool? Or a copyright tag (I would say copyright tag)? And do these images warrant a Vocaloid tag (I would say no)?

I've uploaded 2 designs by one guy, and put them together in a pool (pool #3382), but I think a tag is warranted for the concept (there are many more and they certainly need SOME kind of grouping).

Discuss! :)


Yes, it's what we do for pretty much all series related originals.

I recommend tagging with original Vocaloid, keeping the pool, and changing it to include all pictures related to the project, along with a description and link explaining what the project is.

Edit: I tried to edit the pool, but couldn't. This is apparently how the project got started.