does danbooru have a sitepack/torrent/method to download images quicker?

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using google I have found torrents which contain a few thousand images that came from danbooru which don't work ):

has anyone ever made a sitepack thats similar to konachans
where all of the websites images between 2010-or 2011 been archived/torrent-ed etc?

is there a functioning torrent or software that could automatically download as many pictures as possible from danbooru without getting me banned?

for a while now i've been manually downloading 480 images an hour for 3 hours a day but the task just became a pain for me and i really want to obtain as many images from this site as possible since this is my favorite site for finding good anime pictures.

Could someone recommend me something that's not against danbooru's rules/TOS?

i love this site

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Ok I'm going to try the strawberry perl method.it looks confusing but i guess i'll continue learning how it works.

on google i found danbooru packs 0-330.rar files from forums that aren't available anymore.
Each pack.rar file was 200+ MB just like konachans sitepacks

is there another one available that anyone here would know about?

The strawberry method doesn't work for me, i don't see any application or executable files associated with the downloads that came from jjj14's forum.

ohhh gawd , i apologize for the large request.
am i asking for to much?