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Aliasing victorique_de_broix -> victorica_de_blois.

Reason: Name in katakana is ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ

"Victorique" really doesn't make much sense with that pronunciation, and post #849993 seems to show that "Victorica" is officially accepted. I'm not familiar with French(?) to say if her last name could go either way, but a Google search for ブロワ blois gives plenty of non-Gosick results while ブロワ broix only gives a few results all related to Gosick, which is rather suspicious to me. The former is used on Crunchyroll (of course, they also use "Victorique", though) and seems more likely to be the intended name.

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I dunno that much French either, but AFAIK "Broix" makes sense as the reverse engineering of her name. However, "de" being transcribed as ド rather than デ is odd; I'm inclined to guess they might've intended "du" here.

With this in mind, googling for French pages shows:

  • "Blois" -- 2.7M hits
  • "Broix" -- 5K results
  • "du Blois" -- 10K results
  • "du Broix" -- 9 results (without restricting to French only, it gives 30 results, all of which look French)
  • "de Blois" -- 3M results, with many personal names
  • "de Broix" -- 100 results, but includes at least one French forum speaking about Gosick, where they apparently correct "Victorique" to "Victorica", but don't seem very offended by "de Broix", going by my absolute lack of knowledge of French :)


葉月 said:
However, "de" being transcribed as ド rather than デ is odd; I'm inclined to guess they might've intended "du" here.

I think that the French "de" is not really close to デ in pronunciation. Looking at entries for random French people on Japanese Wikipedia, it seems French "de" is ド and "du" is デュ.

Most early results for ド・ブロワ on Google seem to be for Gosick, but the first is actually a Wikipedia entry and apparently for historical person Charles de Blois


Tokyopop and Crunchyroll are both independantly using "Victorique". I don't have the manga, but CR is using "Victorique de Blois" as her full name and this spelling will have been provided or at least approved by Kadokawa.
Given that the author can't spell "Gothic" in English, their French may not be so hot either and they may not know how to actually pronounce Victorique, resulting in the incorrect katakana.
I vote for Victorique de Blois.

wanchan said:
Tokyopop and Crunchyroll are both independantly using "Victorique".

Going by what I've read here, it's possible they just based it off of Tokyopop's translation, and it's unknown (at least from that post - not sure if I've seen Quarkboy comment on that yet) if Kadokawa has given feedback. The name has stuck so far at least, though (as of the sixth episode).

rantuyetmai said:
If this helps any, there's a discussion on Victorica vs Victorique.

Hm, so the Crunchyroll spelling is confirmed on the Japanese side too. They are pretty inconsistent though since they are quite a few Japanese materials that seem to use Victorica (the ones mentioned in that blog in addition to the one I pointed out in the initial post). Any Japanese-released stuff that uses "Victorique"?

It sounds to me like the Japanese have "confirmed" multiple different spellings, and frankly don't seem to care.

So if we can discern the "right" way, based on French, let's go with thata nd alias the other to it. I have no preference.

reese said: IIRC, Moriyama Daisuke said that Chrno Crusade was an error that wasn't caught until after it was published.

Yeah, from Wikipedia
"Most recently, a reprint of Chrono Crusade was released in Japan, beginning in January 2010 and releasing two volumes per month. These featured brand-new book design and artwork. Of note is the crucial spelling correction from "Chrno" to "Chrono", following the statement made by Moriyama's publishers during the original serialization apologizing for the typo."

EB said:
Victorica, then, since it makes the most sense given the pronunciation. Not really certain if either form of her given name are actual French names [...]

They're not, even in the old ones (though it looks like a fusion of existing names).

Like Slash said it's most probably Victorica given that Victorique would be ヴィクトリク/ヴィクトリック.

(And "de Blois" is probably the intent as well. Blois used to be a major royal town around the XVIth century and is somewhat famous since.)