New Tag Suggestion: Black_Serafuku

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I believe post #797875 and post #643668 are actually blue instead of black.

I do agree that it would be worthwhile having some subtags for the serafuku tag, but how we go about it could result in people creating a ton of new tags. If we go by a color approach for subcategorizing, that kind of opens the door for people to start making tags like "pink_serafuku," "green_serafuku," "blue_serafuku," , and "dark_blue_serafuku." Even if we take this approach using only common types, that won't dissuade people from creating more types. So if we take this approach we must kind of understand that down the road we'll have to accept that there will be many additional subtypes that will be created, and that we'll have to either accept them or have to continually prune the new tags.

An approach that I think would be worthwhile would be having a tag for "one color" serafuku where the skirt and blouse are the same or nearly the same dominate color. This approach would likely avoid further growth of other categories (as there is really only two color and one color types), though this would not have the advantage of being exactly what you're looking for.