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The question has arisen in post #860017: should it include bad grammar/spelling by native English speakers (that is, 'reasonable' mistakes in addition to all-out word salad)?

Considering the origin of the term and the nature of the posts currently populating it, I would personally say 'no'; whether it deserves its own tag or should just go under error or something, I'm undecided about.

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I think engrish as a term is typically reserved for when Asians who don't actually speak English try to use it and end up botching it, no? With the whole "l -> r" thing, and all.

I would vote for an more general tag for bad grammar and spelling, personally.

葉月 said:
I could be snide and point out that US nationals are normally not native English speakers :). Dunno, perhaps bad_grammar / bad_spelling? But then there's an unnecessary level of detail I think; I wish I could come up with a tag that'd sound good and cover both.

We could either expand engrish and ranguage to include all forms of bad grammar or spelling or simply label it as error, Either way it amounts to the same thing.

葉月 said:
It'd be, if it weren't a single goddamn sentence. If you can't even proofread this much text properly, it means you simply don't know how "supposed" works. Which is not uncommon either.

A typo is a typo, it happens.