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Tag implication kimeemaru -> yukkuri_shiteitte_ne

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sgcdonmai said:
Dunno about this one. Policy is to not implicate characters to their respective copyright tags, and while this isn't a copyright, exactly, it fulfills much of the same purpose.

The ways yukkuri work, its not a character type. Kimeemaru is a meme related to the yukkuri fandom.

There is the yukkuri-abuse fandom that makes it into an entire species of animal, but thats neither here or there.

Nials said:
post #597038 In case aya makes such a face, should we actually be using the yukkuri tag? I mean, there is no yukkuri.

Shes also has the distinct head shape and "ooh scary scary" which is also associated with it.

The yukkuri shiteitte ne meme and tag encompasses more than just the presence of yukkuri.

And in most cases, the face is tagged as yukkuri shiteitte ne anyways so its a moot point.