Tag Alias: gedachtnis, gedaechtnis -> gedächtnis

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It will be the other way around if anything. Also if the aliases are for the same reason just edit them into the same thread.

Because jxh will want this list, here it is:

7 gedächtnis
3 häagen-dazs
4 isaak_fernand_von_kämpfer
1 ernst_von_bähbem
2 märz
11 kämpfer
17 drossel_von_flügel
1 nürnberg

Yeah, I was slightly occupied with other things when I was making the forum posts, so I wasn't really thinking about it very well. I'm not quite sure why the umlaut ones would be aliased to the non-umlaut ones rather than the other way around, though. Shouldn't the one being aliased to be the "proper", so to speak, version, and the aliases are variants?

I need to run off to work so I can't do this now, but I will confirm that accented characters are not used in tags. So ä > a, etc. See ZnT's Louise's full name and the decision not to use the ç. This is almost as much a usability issue as kanji tags.

I'm not against aliasing the accented characters to the simplified ASCII characters, but as they'll darn near never be searched on, I'm generally only going to do it for really big tags. If there are special considerations for specific languages where an accented character needs multiple letters to be represented, that can be handled on a case by case basis but the simplest way is to romanize as is with a direct substitution.

We stick very strictly to "proper" for Japanese, as that is the focus of the site. We don't need to be nearly so strict with other languages that occur with far less frequency, and can defer more loosely to "what people are used to", etc.

I don't type in Cyrillic on at random or on a whim, so I guess one of the instances of gedachtnis in this thread swapped a character? Otherwise I have no idea how that got in there.

Done. Is it right now?