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Recently uploaded post #868771, I think of our policy on tagging cosplay pictures and want to ask everyone's opinion on this matter. Should a character that are not present but being cosplayed be tagged with their name? I remember and understand the reasoning "if I'm looking for a character, I would want to see their cosplay too". However, that would eliminate the ability to distinguish posts that actually have those characters present while others cosplaying them (post #868116), and posts that they are not present at all.

That's why I think it's better to tag X_(cosplay) to indicate character X that is being cosplayed as, and keep real character tags for when they are really there. If people want to see cosplay of character X, they simply have to search for X_(cosplay).


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theadonicus said:
Danbooru 2's tag nesting

What? I think people are a bit confused about what the Danbooru rewrite is going to to do.
I can't find the Twitter post, but IIRC, albert said that the controllers were basically done a while ago. You could read through the code now and get a pretty good idea of what functionality is going to be in Danbooru 2.
Maybe I'll go through it and make a list some day, but it's pretty close to what we have. Nested tags and the like is just pie in the sky stuff from the forum.

That's true, nested tags or not we have to make do with what we have right now. Since I can't think of any other way to separate cosplay posts with and without the presence of character X, thought this proposal would be nice to be approved. That's quite a lot of clean up to make but we can always start at some point. But if nobody agree then it's fine.

I think we reverse our cosplay tagging policy like every 6 months. At some point we really need to stop doing that and just stick with one. I'm not inclined to change things yet again, to be perfectly honest.

Okay, so the cosplayed-as characters should be tagged, in addition to x_(cosplay), yes? I always thought valued having accurate chartags: where possible, and with cosplay it should be perfectly doable, not to mention x_(cosplay) not implying x will lead to more fine-grained searching possibilities. I'm not necessarily trying to reopen the discussion here (I don't even remember what side I was on originally), I'm rather just listing my reasons for misremembering the decision we've reached, since it's the opposite of what we've done with ex-keine and similar.

Log said:
Policy is identical to what we've done with ex-mode characters and cosplay is what was cited as an example when we set policy for those so what are you talking about?

Well, no, ex-* tags were specifically de-char'd in order to make the chartag counts accurate (or less inaccurate). So if we tag X cosplaying as Y with both char:X and char:Y, which is what the wiki tells you to do, it's doing things differently. Not to mention I can see no way to get from the sum of forum #1261, forum #30437 and forum #33157 to what wiki tells me to do. I simply have no idea where the policy it records came from; for sure it weren't the forum threads mentioned.

I think I agree with zatchii on this. I would rather not only see the particular character, but also see all instances of their specific manner of dress as well. I suppose character_name* search could work for that in most instances, though it seems like a pain cleaning all of these tags out and expecting everyone to follow along with the changes.

Also, what happens when characters' clothes appear in an image, but that character is not there and no one is wearing them? See, for instance post #589925 and post #126174. I was told that the _(cosplay) tags shouldn't be used in those instances but they should still be findable with some tag related to the specific character.

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