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like the idea. makes it easier to organize and find pools (found a few i've never even seen before)

there should be a section for character themed pools, just so we can have them organized.
I know there are these pools but im not sure if we have any more character themed pools
Touhou - Paparazzi Shameimaru Aya
pool #2529

Touhou - Convenient Cirno
pool #1787

Touhou - Convenient Mokou
pool #3739

Madoka - Perverted Homura
pool #3171

Touhou - God Damn It, Tewi!
pool #3396

Touhou - God Damn It, Yukari!
pool #1970

Touhou - Good work, Yukari!
pool #4099


The section for "More pools" contains pools that are so unlike the other ones that they don't fit the other sections. If they do fit other sections, then they should be moved to them. That's the plan.

Some of these character-specific pools really fit some of the existing sections. See "Annoying characters" in pool groups. See also "Acts of sex, perversion, love, romance..." in pool group:sex, where "Madoka - Perverted Homura" is listed.

If nobody minds duplicating content for easier navigation, one good idea would be creating an additional section named "Character-specific pools" for Zekana's small list.

It will be great if we also group the parody pools such as:

pool #1456 Touhou - Images Mimicking ZUN's Style
pool #267 Touhou - Images Mimicking alphes' Style
pool #1081 Final Fantasy Tactics Style
pool #758 TTGL - Eyecatch Parodies

DOCoSPADEo said:
Awesome idea, but is "More pools" at the bottom necessary? I mean, how do you dictate what goes in there?

Maybe renaming this as Other or Miscellaneous (Misc) Pools.

  • I renamed the last section, per this discussion; now it is not simply called "More" anymore.
  • I also made sure all the pools mentioned here were added to the list, including one section for character-specific pools.
  • Someone made the list be in alphabetical order. I don't see the need for this, because it mostly does not make sense or improve the page. The sections "Educational for artists" and "Style, quality and authorship", in particular, benefit from having a non-alphabetical order that makes sense, so I "de-alphabetized" these two.

Finishing these pool groups would be much easier if a user script could be written that

  • Activates when a certain key combination is pressed after a pool number is highlighted
  • Edits the textbox to
    • Append the pool description to the number
    • Put "pool #" in front of the number

I don't have much experience in web scripting so I'll have to let someone else do this.