Canonically futanari?

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Kaine_(nier) is canonically a futanari in her setting. This has lead to a lot of her images being tagged as such even when there isn't any reason to realize that from what can be seen.

Does 'tag what you see' apply here? Or should such images always be tagged futanari? Eg. post #900169

(Of course, it's possible, say, for an artist to not know that she's canonically a futanari, or to want to draw a fully-female version, or whatever... Trap frequently has the same problem, with plenty of images in there whose gender can only be determined by knowing what it is canonically. Not to mention that there's a few characters, like Family Compo's Shion, who have ''no'' clearly-defined canonical gender, or whose gender differs in adaptations...)

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  • Hillside_Moose said:
    Excuse me? Since when did we ever agree to start adding futas into trap?

    You're right, it seems we haven't agreed on that and the wiki mentions crossdressing and transgender men only.

    Well, I think futas might qualify in some cases. Breasts and/or a vagina are the only significant visual difference between a futa and a trap. Since exposed genitals aren't (or rather shouldn't) be common in the trap tag, this only leaves breasts. If post #707569 that I linked above depicted Kaine with a flat_chest it would be visually indistinguishable from most trap pics. One not familiar with the character would be equally, if not more likely, to assume that he was dealing with a crossdressing male instead of a futa. Thus, following the "tag what you see, not what you know" rule of thumb, the trap tag should have been used, even if the character is canonically futanari.

    But that's all a bit complicated and I'd rather keep it simple: if a character looks feminine enough but has a suspicious bulge in the pants or something then trap should apply.

    Just my opinion, of course.


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  • Not sure how traps came into this. I always follow the "tag what you see" concept when dealing with this. We all know that poison_(final_fight) is a futa, newhalf, or whatever she's called by each region, but if you can't see it in the picture, then there's no reason to label her as such. If I was searching for images of Poison and had blacklisted Futa, I wouldn't want to not see any images of her as a normal female just because she's not in canon.

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  • To be clear, I only mentioned traps because they pose a similar 'tag what you see' problem (sometimes there's no way to distinguish between a trap and a flat-chested female without knowing what they're canonically supposed to be, and a lot of stuff currently tagged trap could be, obviously, taken as female if you didn't know that they're canonically male.)

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