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Generally lurking only help you so much when it comes to knowing what will pass the "quality" bar. Generally you need to be approved and rejected to get a real fell for what is good and bad (excluding mods personal taste).

In forum #62349 it was mentioned that the wait time on new posters is now two weeks. This along with the general break-in period of test janitors got me thinking.

Should test janitors automatically filter (no see to approve) images from very new users?

The logic here is that they themselves are in the test phase and might approve material that is not acceptable. At the end of their test period they are demoted back down.

This could leave users who might have had some or a lot of works approved by the test janitor confused as to why all of a sudden the stuff they upload is no longer being approved.

It does say who approved which post but a lot of people likely would not think to click the name and even necessarily realize what a test janitor is (again very new users).

This might be to complicated or simply not worth the effort but it was something I just thought I would throw into the ring.


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  • Log said:
    It's just one week and there are currently no test janitors.

    Hmm read your post wrong in the other thread. Thought it was two weeks now.

    The two week wait period just got me thinking about the subject, it really is neither here nor there with regards to the idea itself.

    Anyway it is just something I was thinking about in general, not really putting a specific time frame on it.

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