Tag Suggestion: affection

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Bapabooiee said:
... for posts where characters very prominently show fondness towards each other, but in a non-romantic way.

Examples: post #925944, post #853073

Any objections?

I don't mind a supertag, but I think we've got this covered well enough with hug / snuggle / nuzzle + happy.
That said there may be other relevant types of interactions we currently have no tag for.

And I don't like the ambiguity of the love tag. I'd rather restrict it to the word itself when it's written on something.

That being said, under what circumstances would affection apply to (or not apply to)? For instance, if we had, say, a picture of Kuroko jumping ontop of Misaka with hearts in her eyes, would this constitute affection (because we all know how affectionate she is)? Or would it be limited to pictures where recipient of the affection is actually happy to accept it?

EDIT: derp.