Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai name corrections

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Two corrections to the character names, mostly due to sloppy/inaccurate romanization when the series first became popular:

Elsee_de_ruth_ima -> Elsea_de_lute_irma (“Elsee” is not a romanization mistake. She’s called that as a nickname, but the real name is Elsea. This was shown as far back as Chapter 3).

Hakua_du_lot_herminium -> Haqua_du_lot_herminium Even the Japanese got this wrong until the author confirmed the romanization in his twitter (http://twitter.com/angelfrench/status/15285117783)

Updated by EB

Yeah, usual early unclear romanization issue. It's written as "イーマ" (エリュシア・デ・ルート・イーマ), but the official romanization is "Irma", and Tamiki Wakaki is a rare case of a Japanese author who actually knows how to write coherently in foreign languages/characters.

EB said:

Where exactly do these "official" romanizations come from? You don't really say specifically on any of them except for Haqua's given name, and I noticed there are some conflicting spellings on an official CD release.

Well, no one has answered me on this. Since the author confirmation above was only for Haqua's given name, I assume the CD is correct for her full name, and thus the official spellings should be:
Elysia de Lute Ima
Haqua d'rot Herminium
Any objections (proof to the contrary?) to aliasing to these spellings?

In any case, the goddess names should be true to their Latin roots as they are in the Japanese version (Vulcanus ウルカヌス and Mercurius メルクリウス ), and not Anglicized. I'll go ahead and propose the aliases for them. Also, adding one more misspelled character: Fujiidera Ai 藤井寺藍

create alias vulcan_(kaminomi) -> vulcanus_(kaminomi)
create alias mercury_(kaminomi) -> mercurius_(kaminomi)
create alias fujidera_(kaminomi) -> fujiidera_ai

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