Tag Alias: fingernail_polish -> nail_polish

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I would be against implications here.

Keeping (finger)nail_polish and toenail_polish separate allows to search for both at the same time, which is nice I think.

The other possibility—moving nail_polish to fingernail_polish, then implicating both fingernail_polish and toenail_polish to nail_polish, is overkill for the few toenail_polish posts it's made for. nail_polish and fingernail_polish searches would be nearly identical, making the extra tag redundant on all these posts (yet we did that for feet_in_water -> soaking_feet, which IMO was a bad move).

Also, with that said I'm not sure if an alias between fingernail_polish and nail_polish would help.
I'd think the current situation is fine, while not the most intuitive.


fingernail and toenail polish will stay separate tags.

As for implicating to a common nail_polish, well either 1) we do that 2) we get rid of nail_polish or 3) nail_polish only applies to the cosmetic in its container, not being applies to any digits. It serves no other purpose with the two nail polish tags.

I made 'bottle' because it was more obvious and because the polish would refer to the liquid 'on or in' something.

As for the wiki on nail_polish, I went with what the majority of the images were. Would ppl be comfortable adding additional text of "finger"?