"!!" tag gone?

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It's supposed to be a fairly big tag IIRC but right now it's reduced to a few posts, and the wiki page (!!) shows a negative count. So I'm guessing someone tried to nuke it in some way lately.
I don't see any forum thread about it but "!!" isn't the easiest thing to search for anyway.
Would appreciate if you had clues.

Also, this gets me worried.
Right now any user with tag script powers can decide a tag is stupid and quickly nuke it (merging it with something existing or whatever). Do we really have no way to track this?

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  • I was browsing my own history looking for a post with that tag but you were faster. Thank you.
    Well it occurred way earlier than I expected.

    Should we restore it now? I think this tag had merit, and I don't see it merged with ! as an improvement.

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  • jxh2154 said:
    It's not aliased, so yes you can restore it

    Well sure, but nothing would prevent the tag from disappearing again after that. I'm asking if we can reach some conscensus about it for this reason.

    I can definitely understand why someone would think this tag is unneeded, but there's enough of a distinct purpose (much like between ? and !?) to make it worth being a separate tag IMO.

    At any rate I don't think nuking tags without preliminary agreement is very good manners.


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