Proposal: detached_collar

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I'd like to propose a tag for a clothing item that is either ambiguously tagged or not even tagged at all in a lot of cases. If you search for collar a good portion of what shows up are collars of the dog variety that look like leather with a buckle. However, another type of collar that is usually part of a maid costume also appears under that tag that is very different in appearance and I believe should be tagged separately. This particular collar looks like a shirt or dress collar with lapels but is not attached to any other clothing.

My suggestion is detached_collar, similar to the tag detached_sleeves where the sleeves in question are part of a larger outfit but are not attached to it.


It can get dicey though, with a post like post #362737 that looks like both a detached dress collar and a dog collar.

This would be a manual change as there would be no way to retag collar posts without looking at each of them and also add the tag where appropriate under (especially) maid and lolita_fashion.

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