Breast size and the ToS

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Alright, I've left the other size tags alone, but I felt a minor edit to the gigantic breasts wiki was in order to reflect the change in the ToS. It now reads:

General: gigantic breasts
Breasts of a tremendous size, at least twice as big as the girl's head.

Tread cautiously when uploading pics that deserve this tag, as breasts about three heads in size are candidates for deletion under Danbooru's Terms of Service ("grotesque").

jxh2154 said:
Generally I think we're in the right ballpark. The only tag I occasionally have a "wtf that shouldn't be here" is flat_chest, since I see it applied to some chests I'd never describe as flat. But maybe I only notice because it's the only size-specific breast tag I use.

Small_breasts is aliased to flat_chest and has been for a very long time. That's probably where you're getting the posts that don't belong.

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