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i've recently encountered the term chest. there is no wiki definition yet. i browsed the posts and it deals mainly of exposed male upper torso. males that look like girls (trap) with exposed chest fall also under this definition.

however, i see post #901601 which is clearly a girl. post #303859 and post #922079 which i believe are for "treasure chests" and post #300102 for "jewelry box". since there are about 100+ entries only, i think i can clean this up. but i seek your guidance. thanks.

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  • Chest for females seems unnecessary, as any image warranting it will end up with some form of breasts tag.

    Keep it to male chests for now, although it's still a bit vague when it should be applied or not.

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  • treasure_chest ought to be aliased to chest_(container) as the wiki definition itself does not require the presence of treasure. There is already a treasure tag, so treasure chest_(container) will work for searching for the presence of treasure in the box.

    ghostrigger said:
    post #300102 for "jewelry box"

    ...which is fashioned in the shape of a chest, so the tagging is/was appropriate, just needs moved to chest_(container)

    Also, slightly tangential: alias mimic_chest <-> mimic

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