permaban required

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The user of these accounts:

nigglet, lolumad23542342, thegame1888, niggasgonnanig, sdgdfgdf, 5464356546

...is vandalizing the same picture over and over. Can you save me some trouble and IP ban him? In fact, can I just have the rights to IP ban people?

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  • CGrascal said:
    Must be some 4chan idiot trolling for the "lulz" or some other garbage.

    Maybe, more than likely it's just a bunch of bum sore fanboys. Evidently this costume change for Miku's localization has cause quite the uproar.

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  • They're good at timing things for the few hours I'm asleep. Anyways, phane took care of the users and I've banned the IP. IP bans are pretty worthless though, so just continue to make negative records when he inevitably uses proxies.

    He'll get bored. They always do. Not a big deal.

    Really need to get the user account timeout fixed though. I can ban just fine without it so it's not a problem here, but not being able to load them even after all the other fixes is annoying.


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