Tag Alias: fgsfds -> index_finger_raised

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EB said:
Aliasing fgsfds -> index_finger_raised.

Reason: I think it's better to have a tag for this gesture that is more intuitive than a meme people may be unfamiliar with.

Isn't that kind of a convoluted name?
Lately the pointing tag started to specialize into pointing_up, pointing_at_viewer and so on.

I wasn't sure about killing fgsfds because you could say it's a specific though hard to define subset of pointing_up useful for reaction images (not that I really use them afterwards but I do think they're more interesting because of this aspect).
If we get rid of the meme's name we'd rather merge the contents with pointing_up, as an index_finger_raised -> pointing_up implication would definitely be ambiguous.
IMO both sides have a point so I'm out.

Also if fgsfds is renamed, the same should be done with promotions (well, except post #134123). It's not exactly the most useful tag ever but at any rate I can't think of a simple name to describe the posture.

I used fgsfds in tagging...*sadface*

I'd vouch for an alias at the least "for teh lulz"; if someone just happens to see what tags Danboo has, their moment of, "Oh my gosh, they've tagged it," could lead to finding other tags, and perhaps grappling in some useful taggers, just from a bit of bemusement.