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I guess Anelaid forgot to bring it up after post #34008...

Anywho, it states in howto:upload that older posts that existed before Danbooru "got strict" should be left alone, however I've seen them getting deleted piecemeal (I swear I had that same conversation somewhere before). It seems to me that if the "grandfathering in" if older low-quality posts is to be ignored, one may as well delete a good portion of the first posts in one fell swoop. It should also be removed from howto:upload.

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I suppose I worded that weird. I meant that if the rule had been removed, then it needs to be taken off the wiki page. But, the search function on this forum hates me, so I can't find said conversation and thus don't want to just axe it off myself.

Bet the mods will have fun when someone gets around to flagging nearly the entirety of the 3/4/5 year old posts, though. :P

Log said: We are more lenient with older posts but they don't get an outright pass anymore.

This. It's not so much that images like that "Desu Ex" post should be accepted. They should not, and they have no place here.

But the so-called "grandfather clause" is not really a rule anymore so much as more an explanation for why we haven't gone through and purged like 100k images from the early years. It's too large, contentious, and frankly unimportant an exercise.

I'll just tweak the wording:

A Footnote on Historical Images

You may notice a number of comparatively low quality art in Danbooru's permanent collection. While current upload standards would preclude similar images being uploaded today, we have neither the manpower nor a compelling reason to re-review many tens of thousands of historical images in bulk. Older images are not immune to re-consideration in the moderation queue (that is, there is no official "grandfather clause" anymore), but there will be no large-scale purge of the backlog either.

Make sense?

I actually would more like want to modify - or outright remove - the Quality Check Exceptions section above it. That first example is really a bad thing to be condoning even as an "exception".