Tag Alias: photo_reference -> reference_photo

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reference photo is (or includes) an actual photo used as reference, primarily for person/character/animal poses. Such posts are parented to corresponding 2d derivative work (or present together in the same post) for comparison.

photo reference has been used for primarily scenery that are known (from information on pixiv description, artist blog, etc) to have created with reference to a photo.
Perhaps this tag needs to be renamed.

But I oppose combining these two tags because:

1. The subject matter is different. There is value in keeping scenery separate from the primarily human (and animal) poses. There is presently no tag combination that can provide this distinction.

2. photo reference is useful where the stricter real_world_location cannot be applied due to lack of positive identification of the depicted location.

Perhaps photo reference could be renamed/moved to scenery photo reference or something similar.

i'm fine with the distinction but this must be reflected in the wikis. reference_photo is even defined as photo_reference as of now. i'm quite limited in acquiring info from pixiv descriptions and artist blogs so i would never have known.

but i agree, the current tag names are confusing without reading the wikis (there's only one). so moving them to something more descriptive would be helpful, i guess. is there a technical/term for this in japanese/pixiv?