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filmstrip, film_strip, film_reel, film

I suggest:
- alias filmstrip -> film_strip.
- film_reel mass edited to filmstrip; it seems misapplied -- for me film_reel conjures up images of a large spool of film that goes into a movie projector.

As for the film tag, imho it can be kept distinct from film_strip so that the former refers to the actual object (a roll or strip of film) appearing in a picture, whereas the latter is the visual effect where the film strip pattern is used as a border to frame pictures.

But seeing as there are so few images in these tags, collapsing all of them together is also a viable option.

Updated by Rampardos

These tags really need to be better defined and cleaned up.

It appears film strip is the most commonly used, and is used mostly for instances of long strips of film, film is being used for pretty much any occurrence of something film-like, and film reel isn't used at all.

Personally, I think the film strip tag should probably just be aliased to film, and create a new film border for when it's used distinctly as a border. Also, have both film border and film reel (if it ever gets used) implicate film.