Tag Alias: slender_waist -> narrow_waist

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It seemed to me when reading forum #42915 and looking at the tag's contents that narrow_waist was meant for curvy bodies that had an abnormally small waist by comparison.

If possible I'd like to restrict narrow_waist to cases where the waist is small by contrast, i.e. very curvy character (post #629034) or impossibly small waist (post #1005039), and have slender_waist for bodies that have more balance (post #998433, post #910894, post #976048).

I thought non-descriptive bodypart tags was for images where said bodypart is a major focus of the image (with the exception of breasts, which is more of a size issue). e.g. Legs, ass. hands, and face.

i.e. Waist would only be used when the waist is an important focus of the image. I'm not sure that really applies to most images in the tag currently. Maybe some in the "Perfect Waist" pool, but I find that pool highly subjective to the point of almost meaninglessness, much like the "Perfect Ass" pool which has no clear standards.

As for narrow waist, I think that would be semi-independent of hips and waist because those may not necessarily be the focus of an image in which someone has a waist "approximately 2/5 the width of their hips, and simultaneously noticeably narrower than their chest."

For slender waist, I think its main utility would be in depicting slender girls with a waist that is slimmer than their hips and shoulders but not cartoonishly so.