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In most,if not all of the wiki entries that define a tag with implications (either predicated or consequential), there seems to be no indication that the implication exists.


wide image -> long image
brother_and_sister -> siblings
keytar -> instrument

Examples of wiki entries with both aliases and implicated tags (and no stated implication)

Format: aliased tag -> wiki entry with both alias and predicate -> consequent

elf ears -> elf -> pointy ears

butterfly knife -> balisong -> knife

dasies -> daisy -> flower

Put simply:
Aliases are mentioned,so I was wondering why implications are not

Updated by BCI Temp

It's a good idea when the existence of the implied tag isn't intuitive or obvious.

1. wide image -> long image
2. brother and sister -> siblings
3. keytar -> instrument

1. Needs to be mentioned. Long image isn't a tag name that just jumps to obvious mind in this case.
2. Nice to know that siblings exists, but it's intuitive, so it's not necessary.
3. Probably shouldn't worry about it. Kind of obvious.

Mention alias & implications separately to avoid the confusion in the notation you use, above.

Don't worry about informing people of the entire chain. (e.g. balisong -> knife -> weapon)

My recommendation for a format, using balisong as an example:

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  • knife (implied by this tag)

The following are aliased to this tag: butterfly_knife, fan_knife