Tag implications: badminton_racket -> badminton, racket

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Log said:
I don't agree on implicating sports equipment to specific sports.

Do you have any use for the tag badminton that specifically avoids implicating badminton_racket to it?

Maybe badminton should be restricted to images of people playing the sport. This is a good idea in theory, but not implemented, in practice. Equipment alone is being associated with sports tags.

Current practice is that soccer ball or soccer uniform is enough to tag a post soccer too. (See the searches soccer_uniform soccer and soccer_ball soccer)

Just because practice shows a strong trend, that doesn't mean an implication is a good idea. For an implication or alias to work we need to sure that the rule applies in 100% of cases.

If you can think of a situation where an image with a soccer ball or badminton racket exists, but tagging the sport wouldn't be warranted (say they appear in the background of a gym_storeroom or amidst debris in ruins or a junkyard.

If you can think of even a single plausible contrary case, a rule shouldn't be made and people should just add the additional tag manually where it makes sense.