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hoodie -> hooded_jacket
hoody -> hooded_jacket
Casual usage / alternate spelling

parka -> hooded_jacket ?
Kind of mixed up now. By definition, parkas have heavier padding (post #570549), but they're few in number and visually similar enough to be conflated if we wish.

While we're at it, how do we want to define hood? Strictly only for separate pieces of clothing (post #170696, post #165763) or including hooded_jacket? Depending on what we decide, implication and/or cleanup will be needed. It's currently quite a mix, but I see value in keeping a distinct tag for the separate headgear.

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  • Assuming we keep the current definitions hoodie can't be done, it is defined as "any garment with a hood" so a dress with a hood would be tagged hoodie but it would not be a hooded_jacket. The tag could be redefined and cleaned up but I sure as hell wouldn't volunteer to adjust 900 posts.

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  • I'd also like to speak out against aliasing parka. While most of the very few images we currently have tagged parka are probably more accurately tagged hoodie, in my mind I much more closely associate the word with the dictionary definition.

    Whereas a hoodie can sometimes be called a "hooded jacket" (though I'd argue that more often they are "hooded sweatshirts"), a parka is definitely a heavier "hooded coat".

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  • i ran across pool #486 - Touhou Parka Girls in the pointless pools and i think this one is worth mentioning here. the pool title is 'Touhou Parka Girls' and yet the definition states 'touhou characters wearing hooded jackets'. we both have parka and hooded_jacket tags. we also have hood and hoodie.

    forum #64712 mentioned that parka is used differently by the japanese. so i suppose (?), for danbooru purposes, parka should be limited to heavier-looking, sometimes with fur, winter apparel.

    unless i'm missing something, i would suggest:

    create alias hoodie -> hooded_jacket
    create alias hoody -> hooded_jacket
    create alias hooded_sweatshirt -> hooded_jacket

    even though hoodie is currently defined as 'any garment with a hood attached' it's mainly a hooded_jacket with the hood over the head of the wearer or not. if the aliases push through, we can delete the wiki of hoodie.

    for parka, i guess, keep it separate, clean, and define exclusively for the english understanding of parka.

    i don't exactly get the use of hood, but i would infer if the hood of a hooded garment is over the head of the user, right? so maybe,

    create alias hood -> hooded



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  • NWF_Renim said:
    the hood may be visible enough to identify the garment, but if the hood isn't particularly obvious it should not be tagged.

    ok, so we should use the hood tag only if it's 'thick' enough or inflated or the 'loop' or 'hole' for the face is visible, right? sounds reasonable.

    Hillside_Moose said:
    -1. Hoodies are defined as the sweatshirt variety. Aliasing would remove the subconscious word association.

    nothing against this but this is not the definition danbooru is using since 2008-07-30 . it's not just a sweatshirt variety but 'any garment with a hood attached'.


    i didn't create the hoodie wiki but i would infer that the user wanted an umbrella tag for any garment with a hood. instead of creating a hooded_* for every piece of article, hoodie was used. the word itself is neutral enough and short to type. it's also the oldest in the hood*-variant tags, second only to hood.

    hooded_jacket has 370+ posts. hooded_top has 3 posts.

    hooded_sweatshirt, hooded_clothes, hooded_cape, hooded_shirt, hooded_scarf, hooded_dress, and hooded_sweater were all used in the past but have 0 post at this very moment. i would assume taggers/gardeners moved them into hoodie instead (and possibly to hooded_jacket too).

    i'm not sure why we need hooded_jacket separate unless we want a specialized hooded_* tag for every piece of apparel with hood when their differences are tolerable. i think parka has enough reasons to be independent and warrant it's own tag.

    of course, i wouldn't mind if the community want to have hooded_sweater to be independent to hooded_sweatshirt or the later from hooded_jacket.

    however, for simplicity's sake, i think we should consider an alias at least to those actively used. i wouldn't mind the direction though, so maybe (modification from above):

    create alias hooded_jacket -> hoodie
    create alias hoody -> hoodie
    create alias hooded_sweatshirt -> hoodie

    i'm not 100% sure myself, so counter-arguments and loads of input are very much welcome.


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