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Implication: prayer_beads -> beads

Reason: prayer beads are beads

Maybe an alias/implication for rosary -> prayer_beads as well.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosary - "The term denotes the prayer beads used to count the series of prayers that make up the rosary." and "The term has come to be used to refer to similar beads in other religions."

"Rosary" is also the term for the specific set of prayers, but that would be nearly impossible to tag unless the text for the prayers is shown in the image.

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I can't see much difference between the "beads" and the "prayer beads", even after carefully looking the posts of both tags.

I, personally, would simply do this:

However, other people may see distinctions there that I don't. Knowledgeable people may have reasons that justify the implication requested above by alegria.