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Danielx21 said:

I've never heard of it referred to as a "racket" before. Going by wikipedia's table tennis racket page the most common terms for it are "paddle" or "bat," though the international table tennis federation labels it as a "racquet" (though their page for racket says the ITTF uses "racket").

Anyways, -1 for the implication. They're already under the paddle tag, and I feel they're too different in shape from badminton and tennis rackets to place them in the same category. Even though they are listed under wikipedia's racket page, they don't actually follow the definition that was written down there for what a racket is: "A racquet or racket is a sports implement consisting of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of cord is stretched tightly." Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster both also define a racket as having a stretched netting.

Agree on paddle, used to that for now and did the others.

create alias ping-pong -> table_tennis
create alias ping_pong -> table_tennis
create alias ping-pong_racket -> table_tennis_paddle
create alias ping-pong_paddle -> table_tennis_paddle
create alias ping_pong_racket -> table_tennis_paddle
create alias ping_pong_paddle -> table_tennis_paddle
create implication table_tennis_paddle -> paddle