sekaiju_no_meikyuu Japanese names please

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enigmaopoeia said:
The names below are all translated by myself. I am not fluent in the Japanese language, some of the words below may be incorrect

Silika [シリカ] = Shilleka.
シ リ カ = Shi Ri Ka
I'd leave it at "Shilleka" since
a) can't tell if it's a Japanese or foreign name
b) it's a(n official) romanization, not a new name.

Tusukur [ツスクル] = Tlachtga.
ツ ス ク ル = Tsu Su Ku Ru
Could be spelled many ways.

Missy doesn't have a name, apparently, she's called ママさん (mama-san) by the Japanese. On pixiv, they tag her with the shop's name.

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the boy from Aman's shop doesn't have a name or tag here either.
The napier tag is currently used for both sisters for some reason.

Related (since it's the same company):
The different characters you can choose for each class in 7th_dragon all have names. For example:
post #719153 マロン
post #719160 ノーラ
post #719165 アルジャ
post #719169 モモメノ

I guess we should at some time tag all of them.
Do we still need the class tags once the character names are tagged? (it screws up the chartags:x search any everything)