yandere_trance tagging cleanup

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one possible source of confusion is the prevailing inconsistency in our tags:

my proposal would be (following hand to chest def):

then, other tags will follow too:

i know they're a little awkward to be long, but i think they're so descriptive that people will unlikely misuse the tags in the future. the presence of hand/s to is retained for shorthand unless there's a better alternative.

hopefully, this will help in the cleanup and speed up the process. just my 2 cents. thanks.


Agreed that "_on_own_" simplifies it a lot.

remove alias hand_to_cheek -> hand_on_cheek
create alias hand_to_cheek -> hand_on_own_cheek
create alias hands_to_cheek -> hands_on_own_cheek
create alias hand_on_cheek -> hand_on_another's_cheek
create alias hands_on_cheek -> hands_on_another's_cheek
create alias hand_to_face -> hand_on_own_face
create alias hands_to_face -> hands_on_own_face
create alias hand_on_face -> hand_on_another's_face
create alias hands_on_face -> hands_on_another's_face
create alias hand_to_chest -> hand_on_own_chest
create alias hands_to_chest -> hands_on_own_chest
create alias hand_on_chest -> hand_on_another's_chest
create alias hands_on_chest -> hands_on_another's_chest

Would be open to a shortening of "on_another's".

i went ahead to clean yandere_trance and corrected some posts affected by the aliases. yandere_trance should be fine by now at least.

after reading forum #69049, i'm considering of merging *_face and *_cheek/s. the *_face could cover much the area of the *_cheek. however, are we willing to lose this granularity like the recent food_on_cheek -> food_on_face alias?

and im still cleaning hand/s_on*face and hand/s_on*cheek. i noticed i made a slight error in the alias suggestion hands_on_another's_cheek and hands_on_own_cheek should be *_cheeks. i apologize. however, may i request correcting the aliases later after the cleaning process? i'll post again when i'm done.

and regarding shortening "on_another's" i can only think of "on_else's". hand_on_else's_cheek and hands_on_else's_cheeks would save a couple of letters but they sound like butchered english. are they acceptable?



thanks for the lift, i noticed there are less pages than before. may i request also the loli entry left in hands_on_cheeks be move to an appropriate tag variant?

yandere_trance, hand/s_on*cheek/s/face should be fixed by now, at least those available in public viewing.

and after emptying hands_on_cheeks and if it will be helpful, may i request also these additional aliases:
create alias hands_to_cheeks -> hands_on_own_cheeks
create alias hands_on_cheeks -> hands_on_another's_cheeks

and finally, if it's no longer necessary, please delete the wiki i made at hands_on_cheeks. thanks.

The bulk update request #20985 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename hands_on_own_cheek -> hands_on_own_cheeks

All the remaining posts are hands_on_own_cheeks or also hand_on_own_cheek, I've dealt with the latter case (post #6029046 and post #6483009).

If post #4219753 and post #4494073 count as hand_on_own_cheek + own_hands_together, I assume it's rare for both hands to be in direct contact with one cheek, so should we nuke hands_on_own_cheek to avoid misuse?