Tag help: Curved horizon?

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That is indeed fisheye. It's not that the horizon in the picture is itself curved, but that all straight lines to the edge of the picture are curved due to the large field of view.

But, what about images that actually show the curvature of the horizon? The small planets in dragon_ball_z come to mind (post #1032098). There doesn't seem to be a tag for this nor a wiki entry for planet.

The curvature of the Earth is only viewable from high up or in space, so would qualify for an earth tag. Though at what point is the view no longer a horizon might need some clarifying: post #1078404 post #1069303 post #1060484 vs post #1070843 post #1050353

Thanks to the people who pointed out fisheye. That's what I was looking for, though few images with that tag accurately reflect what an actual fisheye lens would do to an object in the foreground. That's why I never would've thought of it.

I think that Serlo's first image is noteworthy enough to tag because it describes an exceptional condition, but I don't think the views of the Earth are.

Not sure what to call it, though.