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Are they, though? The purpose of hypnosis is to control someone else's mind. You can't have one without the other. The only key thing about those pictures is that hypnosis hasn't actually taken place, it's only being attempted.

It seems kind of arbitrary to me to stipulate that mind control only applies when it's successful, but hypnosis doesn't.

This might be off topic or related to what jjj14 is talking about, but I think hypnosis (the state of hypnosis or hypnotic state) and hypnotism (the process of hypnotizing someone) should be separated.

The a hypnotic state or trance is typically depicted the same regardless of the method on achieving it, and the mind_control tag seems to not care whether the image is depicting the act/process (be it traditional hypnotism or some other form of mind control or brain washing) or depicting the state. In this case then it may be worthwhile to have a tag like hypnotism be used to tag the various acts of putting some under mind control and have a tag like hypnotic_trance to tag the images which depict characters under a mind controlled trance. The mind_control tag can then be the parent tag of both.