"Two side up" hairstyle

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By this, I mean the hairstyle specified in the checklist on post #951006. Probably needs to be tagged since I see it often enough (vivio, yui_(angel_beats!), suzutsuki_kanade, shidou_mariya, etc.) but as far as I know, we don't have a tag for it. twintails long_hair is very ineffective at finding it given they're both so common. If we don't have a tag yet, what would be a good name? "Two side up" seems like unintuitive wasei-eigo, but I'm OK with it if there isn't a better name for it. EDIT: Went ahead and started tag so relevant posts can be tagged, and we can alias if a different name is decided on.


ghostrigger said:
how about post #571315 and post #1007045, do they qualify too or is this new tag only for much fuller and longer hair? thanks.

Hmm... not sure. Haqua's are so thin (almost like ahoge or antenna hair, just from the side) it seems like they've barely even been tagged as twintails. But then I don't think we haven't qualified twintails based on thickness much anyway (only ones I see are "short", "uneven", and "low").

Nico Nico Pedia has an entry on ツーサイドアップ and a rather huge list of characters, so that could be helpful filling the tag. Don't see Haqua on it, but there may be characters with similar hair. Guess I'll have to check through it at some point to see.

hytone said:
If we go with two_side_up, maybe the tag could use a identifier, like *_twintails so that it's obviously a hair-related tag at first glance... or something less awkward-sounding, I dunno.

Probably could alias it to a qualifier, such as two_side_up_(hairstyle). Still not necessarily intuitive, but like with Japanese terms that may be unfamiliar at first like tsurime, a wiki definition and context (just searching the tag) would make it clear.

I went through tagging some two side up today and wondered if hair rings would count, such as post #611224 or post #999739, as opposed to post #715487 or post #838404.

Some hair rings are done completely up while others are not, similar to how not all twintails are done Hatsune Miku style. I've also noticed the same with double bun, such as post #34558 and post #40403.

Are we keeping this to just loosely-tied twintails, or can different two-sided hairstyles also fall under two side up?

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