Tag Implication: alphes_(style) -> style_parody

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The (only) reason we don't do *_(cosplay) -> cosplay implications is the sheer amount of implications that would have to be created. Assuming we went back and tagged *_(style) for all artists we can find (for instance, pool #2736, pool #739), do you think we'll have the same situation as with *_(cosplay)?

How does style_parody and official_style work when multiple artists draw official art for the franchise? Touhou has Oota Jun'ya, Alphes, Hirasaka Makoto and all the other mangaka.

I think its safe to assume that the amount of style parodies would be much lower than the amount of cosplay pictures out there.

At any rate, when I saw style_parody I assumed it was going to be used for notable cases, such as when a comic goes into jojo mode like everything sk-ii does. Official_style would be used for style parodies that are, well, based off official work. But if multiple artists draw it, I don't really see the problem.

At any rate, before we make *_(style) type tags, I think there has to be a clear minimum of posts, or pages, before the tag can be used, otherwise we will have an influx of tags with maybe one or two posts.