[Implication] sagging_breasts -> breasts

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Hrm,it seems that phrasing is a bit ambiguous.

If taken literally from the wiki definition of breasts, this implication would not make much sense,since that tag is used for both size and identification.

I was requesting breasts become consequent of sagging_breasts, if breasts were used primarily for identification purposes.

As taken from the wiki:

For Danbooru purposes, this tag refers to images where the breasts are noticeable.

There are currently 4 posts tagged with sagging_breasts and contain no tag for breasts.

It's simple enough to tag the 2 out of the 4 that do contain noticeable breasts,but for future posts, would an implication make any sense or is it a minor case?

Edit:There seems to be a somewhat related discussion going on in forum #69537


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