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Aliasing bae_harrier -> harrier.

Reason: The VTOL jet fighter named "Harrier" was designed in the UK and manufactured on both English and American soil. See Wikipedia entry for more details on the mixed origins.

My point is simply that any references to "Hawker Siddeley Harrier," "BAe Harrier" and "Boeing AV-8/B Harrier" should just alias to the basic "Harrier" for simplicity's sake. Or, if one anticipates confusion with the bird of the same name, one could alias all of these to a new tag "harrier_(aircraft)"...

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  • Hillside_Moose said:
    As an aside, can people stop char: tagging the planes? I don't know why people keep doing this.

    I guess it's because some of them are personified. I don't think that's a good reason to chartag them, though.

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  • Okay so I'm confused, we have:

    Which are we keeping and which are implicating the base harrier?

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  • jxh2154 said:
    But which ones go to harrier_jump_jet? All of them? Are any of the variations worth keeping?

    No need for keeping variations since all of them belong to the same family, wikipedia-wise.

    Just put them in one single tag.

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