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Someone needs to have a talk with user "sti".

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There seems to be a Spanish-speaking user named sti who doesn't quite understand how things work around Danbooru. In the past, he's uploaded a piece of shoddy self-made work, added random Spanish comment notes to images, and today he changed numerous translation notes to Spanish. I doubt he's just here to troll, so I think someone who speaks Spanish should send some messages to him and clear some things up for him.

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Arrei said:
I'm operating under the idea that perhaps he doesn't understand English.

If he can't understand how the site even works and still intends to make changes to content, it's his fault. He's been blocked already. If you absolutely still want to send him a message, I can translate it for you, but it's far, far more likely that he's just a troll account.

Sorry, but you also don't understand how the site works.

1. The ToS is not "only informative". If you don't comply to the ToS, you will be banned.

2. Pools don't have anything to do with notes.
You cannot translate a comic on danbooru into multiple languages. You can add notes to a post and write some text in the notes.

You can NOT have multiple sets of notes for a single image and switch between them. You cannot upload an image multiple times either.

(Unrelated) 3. You don't understand the "Part of a pool" appeal reason even after I explained it to you.


We've had this idea before to create a disclaimer in Japanese, haven't we? What happened to that? I think it would be a good idea to create such a thing and provide a version of the ToS in all major languages. They could also explain that the only official language for Danbooru is English and that users should comment in that language.


Kikimaru said:
Well yes.
Then he didn't read the ToS ;)

There's a pretty big difference between not reading the ToS and not being able to read the ToS at all.

And as above, even if he did read the ToS, there aren't any rules about everything being English to inform those who at least have a basic grasp of English, nor are there any messages informing non-English-speaking users about the way things work here in regards to different languages. I believe this particular individual was just hopelessly confused.

I mean, come on. If he were just trying to troll why would he translate all those English notes in Spanish as opposed to, say, just garbling them all up into giant messes? As I went through his note history reverting his edits, there were several instances where he apparently made a grammatical error and edited the note again to fix it.

RaisingK said:
forum #46430. Everyone just stopped talking. It was a good idea, too...

It still is. I haven't forgotten about it, I was going to bring it up again in Danbooru 2.

As for sti, I agree with Arrei. It's not exactly easy to figure out how things work in Danbooru even if you speak English just fine. Not that it was necessarily a mistake banning him, but I think it'd be more proper to make sure he understands exactly why he has been banned, if some effort can be spared for this.

Arrei said:
As I went through his note history reverting his edits, there were several instances where he apparently made a grammatical error and edited the note again to fix it.

Two month's worth of favorites is also a bit too much trouble for a mere troll account. I don't see why people decided to jump the gun and assume it was a troll without checking stuff like this. The fact that he tagged his first post at all suggests he may know some english.