Tag or Pool: Groups of people (touhou, maybe others, too)

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We currently have these people-themed tags and pools for Touhou characters:
pool #1053 - Touhou - Old Maids Alliance
pool #2233 - Touhou - Playable Command
pool #1779 - Touhou - Umbrella Girls (act. more umbrella-themed)
Tag team_9

So, a few questions.
- Should team_9 also be a pool like the rest?
- Why not do as the Japanese and call it baquartet?
- Why even include those "unoffical" characters in the wiki descriptions?
- Why is Cirno Wriggle_Nightbug Mystia_Lorelei Rumia not sufficient?

I know that the original intention was just a tag for the weak, unimportant bosses of the games in general, but it has changed a lot since then.

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