Tag multi-implications about cutout tags

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Like this
Heart ass cutout -> heart cutout and ass cutout
Heart back cutout -> heart cutout and back cutout
Heart cleavage cutout -> heart cutout and cleavage cutout

heart cutout -> cutout clothing and heart
ass cutout, back cutout or cleavage cutout -> cutout clothing

People searching for the general heart cutout won't find much. People searching for a specific one because the former won't bring results won't find other versions. People searching for cutout clothing won't find much either.

TL;DR many implications pretty please.

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  • Then I'm probably misunderstanding how the implication system works. From how I understood it when a tag is implied by another one, the implied tag gets automatically added to the post. When a tag is newly implied, then all posts on the Booru who have the tag that implied something but not the tag that is being implied will be updated automatically.

    For example, "thighhighs" might imply "socks" or something, so when I add thighhighs then automatically socks would be added to the tags. For the case that this implication wouldn't exist when the tag "thighhighs" is added but the implication to give "socks" is later created, then (I thought) the system would automatically add the tag by itself.

    If this assumption is wrong, then the implications above wouldn't update anything, thus not increasing the amount of posts who have those things but lack the tags (thus the numbers are wrongly low which in turn makes people not bother with them).

    Also, the search limit is 2 tags. If I search for a specific character with a very specific type of clothing and I would have to choose which tag to use because the very specific tag doesn't exist (only by usage of 2 different tags), then it defeats the point.

    TL;DR if misconception from my part please ignore topic.

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  • That is how implications work, but the problem that was pointed out was that cutout isn't the same thing as cleavage cutout. You're trying to implicate two unrelated things.

    Also, the tag limit on normal users isn't taken into consideration when making or maintaining tags or pools. The purpose of the limit is to encourage people to upgrade their accounts.

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  • Then there is no problem in just implying everything else but the implications that would lead to cutout, since that's a different tag altogether, right? I'll have my first post altered for that then.

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