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Tag Alias: fin_ay_ludo_sui_lavinty -> fin_e_ld_si_laffinty

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Aliasing fin_ay_ludo_sui_lavinty -> fin_e_ld_si_laffinty.
Aliasing lan_(lagrange) -> fin_e_ld_si_laffinty.

Reason: Name in katakana is フィン・エ・ルド・スイ・ラフィンティ Fin E Ld Si Laffinty is what is used in the official English subtitles, and while "official" isn't always "right", it does look like something that was supplied by the Japanese licensor and not made up by the English translator. (EDIT: And it's on the official Japanese site I linked above too, so yeah...) Also, we need an alias from "Lan" for those who don't know/remember the full name or want something shorter to type.

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