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jjj14 said:
Ah, but what if you had a post with Remilia in the center and some other characters around her? Like post #1069018's setup; it's Wriggle-focused but not a solo pic of Wriggle. Like I said, you could make a focus tag of anything, but that doesn't mean you should.

Apparently you assume these two things:

But these premises don't have to be true. And, even if true, they don't contradict what I said.

Both the VNDB's system you mentioned and the big list of old tags I wrote have multiple levels of "focus". That word is subjective. It has no fixed inherent basic level.

If solo is for posts focusing on only one person while nobody else is present, then remilia_scarlet solo absolutely is for posts "focusing" on Remilia, but with the additional rule of "while nobody else is present".

We could either have a tag remilia_scarlet_focus that allows or that doesn't allow the presence of other people.

I'm not necessarily defending the existence of remilia_scarlet_focus. I'm just clarifying that multiple possibilities of rules exist, a fact which extends to book focus and cat focus, two tags I do appreciate and I'm willing to keep and use.

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