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I'd like to restore the recently removed first section of tag group:eyes tags, because where someone is looking is directly related to his or her eyes:

"Where one is looking"

(But as far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to be the first section; it could be placed at the end of the page, for example, together with the "Misc" posts as they all were, before. The listed tags could be in any order, with or without those hyphens. It could have any title, or even be re-merged into "Misc".)

Note that the "eye contact" ones were the only tags not removed, as I failed to keep them together in one section for "where one is looking". Revisions before, all the posts above were together in "Misc".

If, hypothetically, the rationale for removing that section is that the position of the head relative to the body is a major factor of these tags, (while some other posts are wholly about the appearance of the eyes, such as blue eyes) then I'd say: don't worry, and relax. Even if the tag group was about the appearance of eyes alone, which it doesn't have to be, we could just add different tags with different rationales, as they are useful for the subject: When I'm tagging a post with what exactly the eyes are doing there, then where they are looking is important.

Anyway, I don't really believe that that tag group is absolutely restricted to the appearance of the eyes, as some tags are more varied, such as covering eyes and ;p.

The edit:

- Daniel, One Editor of Tag Groups


I've removed that section because, as you might've already guessed, these tags aren't related to the appearance of the eyes themselves.
However, it probably won't harm to add them to the Misc section, even if personally I don't see a need for that.

Additional note: tag groups link was removed from the top because it is already present where it should be - at the bottom of the page.

Somewhat related:
Do not remove tag links and references from the breasts wiki, it is mighty useful and convenient to have them there. I've already restored that page before and apparently will need to do that again.
And in general, do not make any large changes without discussing them beforehand.

I added the "Looking ..." back to the tag group. Thanks for cooperating.

MyrMindservant said:
Additional note: tag groups link was removed from the top because it is already present where it should be - at the bottom of the page.

Oh, please don't. Having to scroll-down every time one wants to go back to the big list of tag groups impairs my (and others, I assume...?) ability to navigate between multiple tag groups quickly. (an ability that not only is useful for myself as a gardener of tag groups, but I suppose would help someone who doesn't know exactly which is the right tag group he is looking for, and uses trial-and-error, back-and-forth)