Danbooru fav specific search failbooru

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I just noticed this today I'm not a regular as much as I used to but I find that whenever I try to search for an specificv character in my favourites I just get failbooru instead.

For example fav:AnimeMaster Yakumo_yukari it times out but when I do this fav:AnimeMaster ak-47 it's fine.

I have a basic account so I can't use more than two tags.

Does everyone currently have this issue?

Updated by kittey

Sorry for the Necro-bump, it's been 4 months since I last reported this problem and it still remains. I'm not saying "hurry up!" however this problem has rendered my ability to browse through my own favourites impossible.

  • You have way too many favourites, so searching through them takes too long during high load times. Try searching at a different time of the day.
  • Danbooru 2 is being worked on and it might provide faster searching for such queries.
  • For the record, the same happens when I try to search through your favourites.