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I think an atypical_demeanor tag or pool would not be a bad idea. I certainly wouldn't delete the tags without further discussion, it's an idea that has merit. Yes it's subjective, but when we're speaking polar opposites to a character's canonical depiction, it's not likely to be too contentious.

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  • I'm not requesting for a complete removal of the tag but I think it would be better to lower the subjective tags since the main purpose of the tags as said are to objectives as possible.

    And beside, I think it will be more recognizable if this tag will be turn into a pool.

    But if ever not, I think renaming it as opposite_persona or alternate_persona so that it can be more understandable.

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  • But out_of_character is probably the most ambiguous name for it. Think about how often are characters, especially in fan works, technically out of character.

    Opposite_persona is the least subjective and easily understood name you can have.

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  • +1 for opposite persona to replace bizarro.
    +1 for aliasing bizarro -> opposite persona
    -1 for aliasing out of character -> opposite persona
    -1 for aliasing atypical demeanor -> opposite persona

    The latter two are bad ideas because *opposite* has a clear and specific meaning, and is only a subset of the general concepts of out of character moments and atypical demeanors.

    Take Achi Cirno in post #546251. There's a clear opposite relationship between fire & ice. Now, what if you made a plant/wood Cirno with leaf wings and a green dress? Or a lightning Cirno?

    She wouldn't be an *opposite*, but she's be *atypical*.

    In fact, it would be better for opposite demeanor to imply atypical demeanor than for the latter to be a mere alias for the former because atypical demeanor can include more differences than clear opposites like fire & ice.

    So, I'd instead suggest:
    alias bizarro -> opposite persona
    opposite persona implies atypical demeanor
    alias out of character -> atypical demeanor

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  • dark_persona seems a bit subjective,but understandably so.It also seems to imply a negative portrayal of the person

    opposite_persona sounds the most appropriate,although a bit subjective as well

    alternate_persona sounds more fitting,as mentioned already

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  • It can be pretty difficult to define what exactly is someone's personality, so tagging a depiction as opposite rather than merely atypical will probably be a rare event.

    I mean, if someone with fire powers is depicted with ice powers and a similar change in demeanour then it's probably a good candidate for whatever ends up replacing bizarro, but would that really apply to post #1099752 for instance?
    (depicted: Nagato Yuki with an attitude in her body language but still as emotionless as ever expression-wise)

    So I say alternate_persona or ooc would be useful tags on their own.

    EDIT: Although, to prevent every single page of many doujins to get it, we could only tag the first page in a series? Usually that's only done with pools though...


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  • To summarize all explanation we could have this:


    bizarro -> opposite_persona
    out_of_character -> alternate_persona
    atypical_demeanor -> alternate_persona


    dark_persona -> alternate_persona
    opposite_persona -> alternate_persona

    What do you think?

    EDIT: I'll also add this

    opposite_persona: Opposite self (ex: A fire user which actually an ice user)
    alternate_persona Unusual self (ex: A bad guy acting kind) that can cover up opposite_persona and dark_persona.


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  • I don't quite like the use of the word "persona" in this.
    Every dual_persona and multiple_persona would by definition implicate alternate_persona.

    out_of_character is about behavior (post #488443 (except Reimu's case), and actually 99% of all pairings) whereas alternate "persona" would cover everything from behavior over hair- and eye colors to clothes.

    For Cirno, alternate_persona and opposite_persona could mean either her using fire instead of ice or her being intelligent. This can include even genderswaps and adult versions.

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