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I've read the wiki 5 times now and I still don't understand what it's describing. Some meme about a cabbage? Something about badly-made props drawn into the scene? (post #995102) I can't see any theme across any of the images when I browse the tag. Is this a tag poorly defined tag that needs nuking? Was there once a meaningful a theme and now it needs a clean up? Am I just being thick and missing everything?

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The meme about the cabbage has its own tag QUALITY_cabbage (a gif of the original cabbage that started it, post #501835). "QUALITY" is sarcasm, as we're indicating something is rather low quality and poorly done.

As a tag, I'm not fully sure what the focus is. The earlier posts seem to reference screenshots or images that parody low quality depictions in anime, but some of the later posts seems like people are using it to label the image that they consider low quality (which should generally mean potentially flagging for deletion).

I can understand things like wriggle's "dog" in pool #2394 (post #995102). It's a joke that borders on parody/piss-taking. I would be interested in seeing a tag for "well-drawn, poorly-made props", but I'm struggling to think of examples other than cardboard cutouts. Maybe it could include "deliberately bad/crude art in an otherwise well drawn image", much like multiple monochrome including full-colour images where one feature is in monochrome.

But as it stands, I have no idea wtf happened to this tag.

I believe the premise of the tag is something that can be tagable here on Danbooru.

"Something that is drawn horribly on purpose or official animation/drawings that totally fail at representing something it was supposed to represent(The Cabbage meme)."

Although perhaps the name should be changed. Anyone new that looks at the tag as it is now might actually think it means quality images instead of the sarcastic tone it's ment to be said in.