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alegria said:
+1 for making color wing tags and wing types separate tags, like the legwear/hair tags.

If not, please rename black_wings to black_feather_wings - I've never looked at the wiki for that one because the name seems so self explanatory (wings that are black).

Generally the type of wing is usually the determining factor of the color of the wings. Black_wings were restricted to feathered wings because the other common types, bat_wings and demon_wings are traditionally black to begin with and so tagging them black_wings is fairly redundant. Angel_wings are restricted to white feathered wings because that is the most common type of wings angels are depicted with. Trying to broaden it out to other types of wings makes the tag redundant with the angel tag.

The other types of wings, like butterfly_wings are typically multicolored and applying colored wing tags to those will just generate a lot of noise. Applying them to wing types such as dragon_wings and fairy_wings might work, but again for fairy_wings they're most commonly a transparent blue color, making use of color on those seems rather redundant as the natural state of their wings are typically those colors. Furthermore there are "elemental" wing types, such as fiery wings or ice wings and those have a natural color, but it would be wrong imo to place such wings under colored_wing tags as well, because the very nature of what they are is what gives them their color.

Suggesting there is a necessity for colored wings that cover everything doesn't really seem very useful in the end, because certain types of wings are going to dominate these tags. Certainly you can make a color -type search remove the dominate type, but in the end what you're going to find is that for certain colors such as black, red, purple, and white that restricted usage of these colors for only certain types of wings in the end will make them more useful than trying to broadly use them for all types.


Then I repeat: please alias/rename black_wings to black_feather_wings or black_angel_wings, so the tag name matches what the tag is supposed to be for. The current name + usage does not match any of the other color tags, such as black_hair (any black hair), black_legwear (any black legwear), black_dress (any black dress).

Since we're on the topic, should angel_wings also be used for odd-color wings, or is it strictly for white wings? If it is strictly white, is there another way to tag the wing type on images like these?
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I guess I'll quickly throw out some other thoughts on this.

Aliasing the current black_wings tag to black_feather_wings will still have the same problem because users who are not bothering to look at how it is defined will also likely still make the mistake of using black_wings even after the alias for any set of wings that are black. The only real solution would be to mass edit the images to black_feather_wings after cleaning up the ~3% of images that are currently using the black_wings tag incorrectly. (Despite the claim of confusion over the naming of this tag, it is pretty consistent overall with what is being tagged).

If need be, angel_wings should then be aliased to white_feather_wings, as that is what the tag is for. The tag should not have been used for other kinds of wings, as it was tagging a very specific style of wing and not any wing simply attached to what you might call an angel.

I would support making a feather_wings tag, as that is a common type that can come in different colors outside of the common white and black.

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