Breakthrough: Find the last page (more than 1000)..~

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Dear friends and masters here, even thought I'm new here but less than a year I already use this site.

A tag which have more than 1000 pages will be a sick for me, every I go to more than 1000 pages, an error says "Error: You can only search up to page 1,000".

To topic! Do you have a solution when you see the last page of the tags but there're more than 1000 pages?

Example: I search tag "swimsuit" and I wanna go to last page 2607, how can I break it down?

May be that's all, I really wanna know for this. And sorry if this topic will bother or someelse bad to you. Thanks~


Log said:
You can add more images per page by appending &limit=100 to the end of your search url, search swimsuit id:..596751 swapping in the last id of the last page each time you hit the end, or search swimsuit order:id to have the oldest posts appear first.

So, I can look the next 1000 pages with enter the last id and it will show another 1000 pages. Or, descending page from first id of that tag.

Surely, I really thanks to you. ^^